Caritas Healing Arts

The journey each of us walks through life takes us through many cycles and phases.  In every moment of life, the choice is always ours as to how.  Do we accept what is put before us and work with it -- re-discovering and re-creating who we can be?  Or do we deny, run away, and fight it, creating isolation, frustration and fear?  The choice, put that way, seems simple – who doesn’t want to feel more joy, passion, and purpose in life?  But if this is what we want, why is it so difficult to do?  

To live this kind of life, getting down to the simple truth of any experience and learning to listen is essential. Our mission at CARITAS HEALING ARTS is to help, guide and support others through this journey. We are a Northern California-based company offering workshops, private sessions, and community ceremonies throughout the US that expand the understanding and experience of how personal growth and spirituality can be applied in life. Our approach is very practical and down-to-earth.  We help develop and sustain deeper, clearer relationships with your self, with others, and with Spirit – so you can experience passion, compassion and impassion in all arenas of your life.

We currently offer numerous programs including the CARITAS PERSONAL AND SPIRITUAL AWAKENING SERIES, a 22-month workshop series focusing on the common elements of creating a richer relationship with self, others and Spirit/God through personally exploring the 1st - 16th chakras.